What we are listening right now PART I

- Rene -

It has been nearly 10 years now, that I met Peter for the first time. At first we just discovered the musical taste of another and it was quite interesting, because we had nearly nothing in common. Some music really did not fit to me at that time, for example Peter's fable for Black Metal. But what really kicked in was Weather Report. If you don't know... Peter has a background as a saxophone player. My idea of Jazz was like "elevator music" - unheavy and pointless music. But this album totally opened a looooot of synapses in my brain and awoke my interest in Fusion Jazz and Jazz musicians in general. So 10 years of Rene in this world and I am still diggin' this first song I've heard of Weather Report so much! I think in my record collection there are about 6 albums and 2 live albums till now. Zawinul, we hail you!