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Sometimes, things today are better than they used to be. But that’s not always the case. WIGHT know exactly when to take queues from the modern world and when to go back to the roots. Combining a powerful groove with complexity and extraordinary musicianship, they celebrate their musical journey throughout times past and present. Presenting doom-based psychedelic rock at the beginning of their career, WIGHT these days are Miles (Davis) ahead of that. Their carefully crafted fusion rock sound incorporates influences from artists as diverse as the Beatles, Parliament/Funkadelic and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Throw in some African rhythms and sounds along the lines of Osibisa, and the sun will rise even in the coldest and darkest places. This makes their concerts an intense experience – an almost sacral atmosphere can often be felt at WIGHT’s live shows, not only because of the incense used by the band to enhance their performances since the very beginning. WIGHT know how to fan the flames of excitement in the listener and make their audience dance, sing along and indulge in their epic compositions at the same time. 


René Hofmann (Voc, Git, Synth)

Peter-Philipp Schierhorn (Bass)

Steffen Kirchpfening (Percussion, Synth)

Thomas Kurek (Drums)

Photo: Jan Ehlers
Photo: Jan Ehlers


2011 - Wight Weedy Wight 

2012 - Through The Woods Into Deep Water

2015 - Helicopter Mama (Single)

2016 - Love Is Not Only What You Know

2017 - Atlas (Single)

2020 - Spank The World

Tour History

2011/12 - Germany/Belgium/Netherlands

2012 - Germany/France

2013 - UK

2014 - Germany/Belgium/Netherlands


2015 - Germany


2016/17 - Germany/Switzerland

2017 - Germany/Switzerland/Netherlands

2019 - Germany/Switzerland/France



Photo: Jo Henker
Photo: Jo Henker
Photo: Viktor Schwirkschlies
Photo: Viktor Schwirkschlies

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Thomas Kurek